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Alizade Elbrus Kerim oghlu, Doctor of geographical sciences, professor, deputy director for research, Institute of Geography named after academician H. A. Aliyev of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science (115 H. Javid avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan),
Tarikhazer Stara Abulfas gizi, Candidate of geographical sciences, associate professor, leading research worker, Institute of Geography named after academician H. A. Aliyev of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science (115 H. Javid avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan),

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502; 574 /47. 9245/ 


Background. The authors investigated the most active exodynamic dangerous geomorphological processes (avalanches, landslips, torrents, landslides, slide-rocks and others) on the north-east slope of Caucasus mountains with the purpose to estimate a degree of violation of ecogeomorphological conditions of the region in conditions of the continuously intensifying anthropogenous loading in last decades.
Materials and methods. On the basis of the detailed processing of fund materials and data received in field conditions and on the basis of interpretation of satellite images (SI) (scales 1:1 000 000 and 1:200 000) the authors carried out the mapping of the exogenous relief forming processes and estimated the exodynamic intensity of the Shahdag-Gyzylgaya mountain region.
Results. The researchers revealed five areas by the degree of exodynamic intensity on the north-east slope of Caucasus mountains: the extremely intense (17–20 points), strongly intense (14–17 points), intense (10–14 points), medium intense (6–10 points) and weakly intense (less than 5 points): the authors also made a map scheme allowing to predict and estimate the risk, arising from endo- and exogenic-based geomorphologic processes.
Conclusions. The received research results allow to develop the engineeringgeomorphologic recommendations for recreation-oriented intensive development and to determine the principle bases for creation of a research system dedicated to monitor the development of dangerous geomorphologic processes.

Key words

disaster, exodynamic processes, landslide, mudslide, geomorphological tension.

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